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Welcome to Michael Urbanek Photography/ArchitecturalShots.com.


Producing great architectural shots is second nature after so many years on the job. But equal importance must be accorded to the value of the business relationship and the understanding of the associated skills required for every assignment. The breadth of my experience allows for acute understanding of the underlying elements of every photography project, including:


  • contact with on-site management and security
  • project planning in relation to travel, weather, and logistical concerns
  • communications management that meets your comfort level


...and all of this while delivering the project on time and on budget. With NO drama.

While the lion's share  of my work occurs within California, recent assignments have taken me to Chicago, Seattle, Houston and Honolulu. That suggests trust and peace of mind on the part of my clients.


This site isn't big. It's designed to let you quickly qualify my ability to deliver great shots of your projects.


If you're not quite getting what you're looking for in terms of photography, please give me a call or send an email. I'd be happy to visit your office to discuss your needs. It might be a good time to make a change!


Mike Urbanek

Mike Urbanek, Photographer, Ojai, California

Architecture • Interior Design • Construction Progress • Engineering • Commercial • Residential • Education • Health Care • Public Safety • Retail • Landscape Architecture


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